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Beautiful Brazil, from beautiful friends, thanks to Mamede who has send me this wonderful symbol of pride! Brazil, everyone, Brazil! Enjoy!:)

Watch this space for our Brazil work coming soon!!

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I like the topic on Brazil. It is really interesting and i want to know more about Brazil

What interesting information have you learnt?

Hi every one!
I really enjoyed my brazilian topic!
Guess what I really liked in my brazilian topic…. ok dont worry I am gonna tell you I like brazilian instruments and brazilian songs.

I have really enjoyed the Brazilian topic because I have learnt that there are lots of carnivals. I would really like to learn more about Brazil.

So far the Brazil topic was my best because
my dreams were that when i get older Iwant
to settle down in Brazil
and now that I know
about thiis country I can not wait to go.

I have really injoyed the topic on Brazil and i have learnt alot about Brazilian lifestyle and the landscape. i have also learned alot about there carnivals and the weather is boiling and hot.

I really enjoyed the Brazil topic and making the posters. The best thing about this particular topic is making our instruments and looking at the instruments there.

I liked the Brazilian topic and i have learnt lots about it.I can’t wait till we make our instrument.

I found the Brazil topic really good. I liked learning about carnivals the most.

I really enjoyed this topic. I would like to find out more infomation about the carnival but I all ready know somethings about the carnival but I still want to find out more.

I have really engoyed the brazil topik the best thing was when we learnt about carnivals that was really good.Iam really exited about making the musikal instrument it is gowing to be cool.

I enjoyed our topic on Brazil.My favorite bit was making the the Brazilian poster.

The Brazil topic is the best topic till now.My best part is when we made th Brazilian posters.It was very cool.

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