What books do you like?


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Potter II

Tell us about your favourite books. Remember to include the author and the title of the book.

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My favourite book is the BFG because it is about fake things and one of them is dream catching because dream catching is when you catch a dream and then you throw it at someone who is sleeping and then they will see the dream.I also like it because it a fantasy and adventure book.The Author of the book is Roald Dahl.Roald Dahl is my favourite Author.

By Mohammad p

My favourite book is Diary of a Wimpy Kid.

My favourite book is The Secret Garden because you want to know what is going to happen next.Like you have a key to a garden and what ever you want in the garden and it is there for you. Imagine that. This book is an adventure book.People don’t know about the secret garden. Wow. 🙂

MY favourite book is: Iggy and Me. I like this particular book because it is very fuuny.
The best character is Iggy because she is very funny and cheeky just like me. 🙂

I like Horrid Henry books

Author: Francesca Simon

My favourite book is Lilly alone by Jacquline Wilson

One of my favourite books are Mr. Gum by Andy Stanton. It is really funny or as Billy William the 3rd would say ‘funty’

My favourite book is The Story of Tracy Beaker by Jacquline Wilson

My favourite story is Bad girls by Jaqueline Wilson.

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