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Calendario Azteca

What do you know about the Aztecs?

Blog here to share your knowledge with Year 5P.

You could tell us about:

  • Clothes;
  • Food;
  • Gods and Goddesses;
  • Communication;
  • Human Sacrifice;
  • Rulers;
  • Daily life;
  • Homes;
  • Marriage and Families.




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The Aztecs wore a lot of different types of clothes. The poor only wore a white cloth which covered there private, but the rich wore a more posh cloth which was clean, colorful and it covered half of their body. When they went to fight, they wore blue and red colored clothes.

The Aztecs ate many types of delicious food and one type which mostly everyone loved but was very expensive to buy. Only the rich could offered it and it was called maize. You could also get maize cake which was even better and more delicious.

When a woman was married, she would have to be married at the age of 16 and a man at the age of 20. When you are married, you would have to have a child and that was a law.

The Aztecs had many gods.For example Tezcatlipoca,Tlaloc.quetzalcoatland chalchuihtlicue.The aztecs brought many gods with them.Aztecs ballived throu day and time thease gods and goddesses would be with them.

They even ballived that they created the under world for dead. The aztecs main god was huitzilopochi it was him who told the aztecs were to build there city.He was a sun god and a important god.
There gods created the fith final sun.


The Aztecs ate Maize, rabbit, dog, lizard, frog and insects.

For deserts they ate chocolate, peanuts and maize cakes.

They drank coco, octi, water and squash.

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