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I am going to make my mum breakfast in bed and give her a box of chocolates. 🙂

What I am going to do on Mothers day is make my mum tea in bed with biscuit. I am also going to buy her a scarf with some of my spending money, finish of my present that I made in school, spend time with my mother and listen to anything she says and of course not fight with my sisters which will be impossible.

I am going to give my mum breakfast in bed and we will be taking her toAlton Towers.How exciting!

I can make mothers day special by giving my mum breakfast in bed and help her through out the day.Like doing work:(

I gave my mum a card and breakfast in bed with chocolates. 🙂

I gave my mum breakfast in bed and at the end of the day I gave her a pack of chocolates. 🙂

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