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As some of you may know, we have now got iPads in school. Tell us why you think having iPads in school is a good thing or a bad thing.

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Having iPads is a good thing because it help you learn. Also if you don’t have a cumputer at home then you could use the iPads.I think it is really good having iPads because it helps children learn.

I think that having iPads in school is a great idea because we can then learn more easily as iPads are similar to laptops/computers. Also we wouldn’t have to go to ICT suite on the computers we can just get out the iPads.They also have fun educational games which we can learn from and have fun, at the same time.

I think that the iPad is marvelous and it is just like a laptop but touch screen. It is very educational as it has education games and people get encouraged to use it as people are nervous and scared thinking they wll break it. The iPad encourages them that it is very easy to use an iPad and is not difficult.

It is very good that we have iPads because it has educational game and the games are very fun.

I think having Ipads in school is a great thing because you can learn.Also you dont have to use the computer you can just get the Ipads out.That is why having an Ipad in school is a good thing.

I think that having I pads is a good idea because children get more interested in there work. children will be able to use the net and they get more information about there topic

I think having iPads in school is great because
it is a better way of teaching children.
Also,it is a new source of technology a
nd we might need it in the future.

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