Easter Holidays


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Ostereier 2006/07

Wow us with a with a fact you know about Easter or share with

  with us what you have been doing over the Easter holidays.

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Saturday 31 March 2012
On Saturday I had a BBQ as it was really hot.It was fun and we went to the park.The food we ate was chicken,kebabs,jacket potatoes and lot’s more.It was delicious.I can’t wait to go Trafford centre tomorrow.

Monday 2nd March 2012
On Monday I and my family went to Trafford centre.It was fun!We went in the arcades and went on the bumping cars.After that,we went to do some shopping.It was really tiring because my mum took long buying things.Before long,we ate some delicious food.We all ate paninies,Tasty chicken burgers,ice-cream and lot’s more.Going to Trafford centre was alot of fun!!

Easter is a Christian festival.
Easter Sunday is a happy day for Christians because they believe that Jesus rose from the dead on this day.

Monday 9 April 2012

I Had so much fun at my friends house and we went to Moss Bank Park.

Saturday 7th April
Dear Diary,

Today me and my family went to Cadburys world and found out all about John Cadbury and his invention of dairy milk chocolate. First we went to the Aztec Jungle which I was dying to see because we were learning about them.) After that we watched a few videos and went through the process of chocolate. Later we went to the demonstration area which showed us how they decorated chocolate. We then went to the advertising venue where we found the original wrappers of Cadbury chocolate. Then we visited the worlds largest Cadbury shop in the world, where I brought myself a hoodie. Finally my family an I went to the essence and then to the children’s play area. I had a heck of an experience.

My holiday wasn’t much fun.All I have been doing is been blogging and playing outside.The sun was blazing and then my dad came home from and said………….WHO WANTS TO GO BOWLING?
And that’s all we done.

ME and family went southport and i had fun and played on the beach with my sister and my brother and i had a chocolate ice cream and burger and chip.

This Easter holiday me and my family went to
Sealife in Blackpool. It supposed to be my
present from last years birthday.
It was so much fun. 🙂

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