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Do you know your cites, names of important people and more? 

Test your knowledge with these questions. Two hp for every right answer

1) Who is the person in the picture above?

2) What is the name of the Queen of England?

3) Which team won the Carling Cup?

4) Name 2 Commonwealth countries

5) What is the name of the head witch in The Witches?


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1. The picture above is President Barack Obama.He was the president of the United States of America

1. Barrack Obama
2. Elizabeth
5.The Grand High Witch

1.Barac Obama
2.Queen Elizebeth II
4.Zambia and Malawi
5.The Grand High Witch

1. Barack Obama
2. Queen Elizabeth
3. Liverpool
4.Australia & Kenya
5. The Grand High Witch

Well done Sanna, you posted the right answer first. Sorry Aaminah and Aalyyia, you don’t get any house points for the first question although you got it right

Aalyyia, unfortunately, you only get one hoUse point because Aaminah answered most of the questions right. You got one of the common wealth countries, which is Zambia, right so you got one hp

Well done Saminah you get 2 hp for getting 2 commonwealth countries.

1: Barak Obama
2: Elizebeth 2
3: Liverpool
4: Zambia
5: The Grand High Witch

4: Zambia and Malawia

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