The Railway Children by Fiza


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 After a long journey of travelling on the train, they finally approached the country side. Mr Perks, the porter led them to the cottage. The walls were patched with wet fungi. The gates were broken. Bobbie who’s proper name was Roberta, cried, ‘’ what a horrible place were to live in.’’ the children left the sunshine behind and entered the dilapidated cottage that stood before them. Bobbie picked up the rustic key and slowly pushed wide the door, which rusty creaked on its rusty hinges.

They all stepped in. The door slammed shut. Nearly all curtains danced like waves in the ocean. Phyllis screamed, ’’AHH! I could hear rats and mice squeal and scurry and now ones crawling over my foot!’’

‘’ Don’t you worry darling. We’re all just beside you. We need to play poor for a few months,’’ mother sweetly whispered, holding her tight. Mum went to light a few candles. They all noticed that there was peeled wallpaper. Everyone huddled together silently. Mother, who broke the silent, told them to go to bed. There were only 2 rooms so the three children slept in one room whilst mother slept in her own. A few months had passed. They weren’t able to play out because of the cold weather. One sunny day, mum had told them to find a shop and bring some food. Mother had also said that they were able to play out for a while. They sweetly played. Peter, who was adventurous, roll polled down the hill. Next was Phyllis and then Roberta. They all landed on top of each other. They joyfully laughed. After having a lot of fun rolling down the hill, they had decided to play hide and seek. Roberta was it and peter and Phyllis were hiding. Peter hide behind the dancing trees and Phyllis hide behind a huge bush.

Then suddenly, they heard a strange noise in the distance. Phyllis called out for Bobbie. Bobbie immediately ran to Phyllis. Bobbie called out, ‘’peter Phyllis come here quick. Where are you? ‘’

Together they both replied, ‘’ were near a huge tree. ‘’ after a minute or so they had found each other.

The three children gladly went to investigate what was going on. As they drew nearer to the noise they realised that a man was shouting. The man was sitting in a broken carriage. He stuttered quietly, ‘’ I was crossing the railway tracks when my horse tripped and now has a deep cut in his leg. What should I do? ‘’ for a few minutes every one was silent. Peter, Bobbie, Phyllis, and the poor man all locked puzzled.

Suddenly, a fabulous idea shot into Roberta’s mind. ‘’ Everyone listen up carefully, ‘’ she exclaimed, ‘’ I’ve got a fabulous idea. We could run to the railway station and ask the man when the next train is going to come and then we could tell him to ring the vet.

‘’What a brilliant idea! ‘’ shouted peter.

‘’ Chop! Chop!’’ then said Phyllis. The three of them quickly ran to the station. They asked the station master, ‘’ when is the next train going to come. There is an accident. A man who was in a horse and carriage was crossing the tracks has a problem. His horse has hurt himself. Let’s call a vet. ‘’ Roberta quickly said.

The station master replied, ‘’ The train is coming in 20 minutes. I’m calling a vet right away.’’

After a few minutes, the vet arrived, ‘’what’s happened.’’ asked the vet puzzled. ‘’the horses leg had been injured. ‘’ replied Roberta. The doctor wrapped was wrapping a bandage on its leg when they could hear a train. Everyone gasped. Phyllis, who was the youngest, quickly took her bright red coat of and waved it like she had never done before. The train squealed whilst it stopped. In anger the driver stomped and shouted, ‘’what on earth are you doing! Do you know that the red flag means danger.’’ He looked down and saw everything.

The man in the carriage gave the three children 100 gold shillings. ‘’ Thank you’’ exclaimed Roberta, Phyllis and peter. ‘’Thank you for saving my life.’’ replied the man. They gave the money to their mother.  Mother, who was surprised, asked what was going on. Phyllis replied, ‘’ A man had hurt himself and we helped him. He was crossing the railway tracks and his horse got hurt. The train was coming and I saved his life by waving my coat and stopping the train. So he gave us shilling as a reward. ‘’ Mum was really pleased and she praised them.



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It is a really good story. It has description , P.E.E and you have balanced speech and narrative.

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