The Railway Children by Huzaifah


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The Railway Children

The cottage was dark with ripped walls and dusty floor boards which creaked when you stood on them, scaring Bobby and her brother and sister. “Eek! What was that,” shouted Roberta. “It’s only a rat,” replied Mr Perks, “You’ll see a lot of them in winter,” then he left. “Mother, do we have to stay here,” Asked Phyllis the youngest. “Yes, and say no more,” replied mother. Come into this room and help me light up some candles,” She commanded. Then they all went into a rather small room with an outstretched table and two candle holders.

After lighting up the candles, they sat on some piled up chairs which screeched when you separated them. As soon as their mother placed some food on their palates they quickly gobbled it up as if they hadn’t eaten in days. After that they all crept up the towering stairs and into a cold bedroom with a big straw bed which they slept the whole night in.

In the morning the sun glittered down towards the cottage, which opened mother’s eyes. Then she slowly got up from the bed and took a loud yawn and stretched. “Children, wake up “she called. Hearing this they each got up from the bed and ran down the stairs, into the dining room and sat on the chairs that they had moved the day before and waited for mother to come and serve their breakfast. Then mum came with a fey oatmeal biscuits. “Is that all we are going to eat,“ asked Peter.

“I’m afraid so replied mother, the lady who I had hired to give us food, just left us with this,” she replied.

After eating, they all went outside to play. When they went out they decided to out from the back and there they had found out where the garden was. It was really small with a long fence around it and a large gate. Then they all heard a big rumbling sound , which then got louder and louder. Peter wanted to go to see what is was so he opened the gate, which squeaked as if it had woken from a deep sleep. When they had got past the gate, they saw a long black train that let off steam from the front. Behind them was a railway station with what looked like a child by himself. The children curiously ran towards him.

When the children finally arrived at the station they were on the opposite side of the track than the boy so they called him to come to them and as he did so they heard the same noise they had heard in the garden. Then in a flash a train came racing towards him like an angry bull. Then Peter ran onto the track and pushed him off, he had just saved his life.

“What were you thinking,” exclaimed Peter, “You could have died.” “Come on, I will take you to my house,” he continued. They all knew that their mother wouldn’t be happy with them. Still they carried on walking with the boy, where their mother was waiting. Running they entered the house, leaving the boy in the garden with their mother. “Hi, my name is Andy and your children have saved me from dying in a train accident and they are really friendly and kind.

“Please let me live in this house with you for a few days,” pleaded the boy “and by the way

what is your surname,” he asked.

“Owens replied mother,” then she led him to a room. Inside it was a little straw bed, which was right next to the window.

“This is your room,” said mother.

When mother left he got a piece of newspaper and handed it over to peter. It said “Mr Owens, owner of red brick villa, is arrested for stealing money while on his job as a banker.

Peter’s heart sank, “Dad would never do any such thing he thought to himself.

After reading this Peter ran off and went to find the boy. Then he saw the boy chatting with his mother and his two sisters. After thinking for a minute or two, he finally thought of a plan. He went into the room and asked if he could talk to him for a few minutes.

After they said yes he went outside with the boy following him. Then, when they were in a quiet spot Peter asked him, “Do you know how to get my dad out of prison.

“Yes I do and I will try my best to do so,” he replied.


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An excellent story! You have got speech and lots of adjectives. Next time improve make sure you check where you put your speech marks.

That is a realy good story huzaifah

That is really good!! Use a bit more speech.

This is really good . you have used speech

This story is a good story. You have used adjectives and speech.

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