The Railway children by Raeesah


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The Railway Children


Before they left the city their Papa gave them a wave with his red handkerchief and they set of to the train.

After an exhausting journey on the train the family entered the small isolated cottage in the dark, thundery weather. The small brown arched door creaked open with a loud screech from is sleep.

As they walked in slowly the darkness swallowed them. Mr Perks, the porter, who helped them with their luggage, exclaimed to them that there were rats and mices all around the house so BEWARE.

The bright moon came out and the shining stars sparkled in the dark hours of the night. Roberta the eldest from the children put Peter and Phyllis to sleep on the wooden beds, who gave out a cry under their weight. The oldest slept on the hard floor on a dusty mat. Mum did not go sleep but just sat there staring at the children thinking about their loving and kind father.

The next sunny morning, the children had decided explore in the long uncut grass fields. As they were strolling happily on the lush lime grass Phyllis asked Roberta, “What are those flowers called?”

Roberta replied, “That one is called a daisy and the other one next to it is called a blue bell.”

Phyllis said, “Those flowers look beautiful waving in the wind.”  They could fell the wind caressing their face as they walked slowly.

Walking to the edge of the forest Roberta heard a neighing and squealing noise down below. Peter peered down and saw a horse that had trapped its leg in the railway. He was in shock. Not just that but the signal box was high and was green.

Phyllis quickly jumped behind Bobbie and clutched her hand. They ran down the embankment and saw the horse. Peter and Phyllis flew back to their cottage and told mum. Mum ran to the railway and helped to free the horse’s leg out of the cutting.

Whilst mum scraped the rocks away from the metal rail Phyllis and Peter wiggled the railway line which was luckily loose. Roberta walked to the signal box and told Mr Perks to change the signal to red so the train could stop. Grasping the leaver firmly he tugged desperately and when the train came it stopped immediately. The horse was saved and luckily nothing was damaged with it.

Just then Roberta noticed the wave her Papa gave her at the beginning before they left the city.  Her father stepped out of the train with his red handkerchief. He exclaimed, “Bobbie, Peter, Phyllis and Emily my dear wife!” Phyllis ran to Papa and hugged him tightly.

Together they all went happily in the small shivering cottage and stayed there.



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This is very good,you have adjectives and a range of sentence types.You could use some metaphors though.

I love your story, Raeesah! You have used good adjectives and adverbs. It is very interesting!!! 🙂 😀 😉

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