The Railway Children by Sumayyah


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The three children left the sunshine behind, as they entered their new dark and isolated cottage in the distant part, of the countryside. Carefully, looking under the hard, damp mat Bobbie, who was the eldest, picked up the dirty and slightly bent key and placed it in the small key hole, in the door. As she pushed the old, wooden door open, it moaned as if it was a ghost from the dead.

The beautiful, shimmering moon shone down on them and the wind rushed over their cold, pale faces. You could see the frightened looks. When they walked inside, there was no warm, blazing fire no glowing lights, not even a mouthful of delicious supper and most importantly there was not a happy house maid in sight. Suddenly Phyllis screamed, “What’s that”

“It’s just a creepy rat” said Peter                                                                                                                                                                    “STOP IT!” Yelled Roberta, in a kind way, ”It’s not going to help”. Candles were lit and nobody spoke a word, through supper, at all their thoughts were on father.


The next day, a gorgeous sunrise could be seen from the cottage window. Peter, who was wide awake by now, knocked on the girls’ bedroom door and excitingly yelled “Wake Up! I’m hoping to explore the large, green fields before breakfast.                                                                                                                                  Phyllis quietly whispered “But what about mum? She says we shouldn’t go on an empty stomach.” Bobbie interrupted their argument and suggested that they’ll only go for a while, because mother was ill.

As the children ran into the lovely field, Bobbie noticed that Peter was missing and she mumbled under her breath “Where is that trouble of a boy?”

Phyllis exclaimed to Roberta (Bobbie) “I’ve found him! He’s by the railway station”, she thought for a while and replied “He’s taking some coal.”

Suddenly, Mr Perks, the station master, grabbed Peter by the collar of his top then shouted “What do you think you’re doing young man, stealing from this important station? What kind of thief are you lad?”

“Please sir, it’s for my mother, don’t you believe me?

“No I don’t, so that’s why I’m calling the cops, they’ll get rid of you.”


“STOP!”, bellowed  Bobbie and Phyllis “We can explain.” So they explained, their mother had become weak and ill as well as them living in a demolished, dirty house their father was missing and they had become poor with hardly anything to live on.


“Right then you little thieves,” he grumbled” I’m taking you to your parents, because I don’t believe you!”

“Great” Peter whispered to the girls “now we’re in for it.”As the children solemnly trudged to their dinky home, the station master stared at the gloomy house and then asked, “Is this your home?”

“Yup” answered Peter, ”Now do you believe us?”

“I’m afraid I’ll have to.”


When Bobbie knocked on the strong, firm door, their mother, who was dreadfully tired, opened it and got a huge shock. There she saw all her children, Bobbie, Peter and Phyllis. Why was she shocked? Well I will tell you, it was because she saw them with Mr Perks their good old friend. But he wasn’t there to say hello, he was there, because the children were in deep trouble and to see if they really were that poor or if it was just a small fib they were telling him.


Walking into the creepy and scary home, Mr Perks was horrified. Small cracks could be seen in the roof so the screeching sound of bats just sounded louder and cobwebs were all over the place even if you cleaned it every day, As well as the  squeaky doors, smashed plates and cups, broken lights and candles blown out every half an hour, it was disgraceful. Trying not to feel too sorry for them, he stuttered a farewell and goodbye.


A few weeks later, inside the delightful little station, Mr Perks was thinking about what he had seen and heard that day. The chuffing train whistled by, whilst the colourful, tiny birds sang beautifully like trying to lullaby some lively children to sleep.


Rat a tat! “Mother,” cried Phyllis “Somebody’s at the  door?”

“Well please answer it then dear” replied mother. So she did. When Bobbie heard that she rushed down stairs hoping that it would be father, but it wasn’t. You probably knew it, yes it was Mr Perks and you also know why he came.”Good morning” came the cheerful sound of Mr Perks, ”Good morning” was the reply from Peter, who had rushed to the door in just the nick of time.”I need a little discussion with your mother.”

“Ok?” came the confused reply.

So they discussed.



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It has a good use of vocabulary and it is very interesting. Ill give it 10/10

100% This story is really good. You should get it published!:):):)

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