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Herodetus and Pigaridion by Dawood

Many centuries ago, in the very heart of Olympus, there lived a brave boy called Herodoetus. He absolutely loved reading myths about great heroes and beasts and dreamed one day he would be a hero of a myth. One day he came across a tattered wanted poster concealed safely in the middle of a book named The Trojan horse. Excitedly, he sprinted into the king’s palace and informed the king about the poster. After some studying the paper, the king exclaimed “This paper comes from The Dark Forest; Thousands have died on this same quest. The beast is very vicious and loves to shed human blood, Are you sure you want to go?”

“Yes, I think I am ideal to finish this quest, if I am victorious, I shall chop the beast’s head off and give it to you, your majesty”

The next morning, Herodoetus set off with his sharp shiny sword, strong steel shield and his wooden boat. He sailed past the glimmering deep blue water of the Ionian Sea, past the sprinkled water of the Mediterranean Sea and finally he arrived on the Island of Crete. He set off walking for The Dark Forest, every 2 minutes looking at his map for which way he should go. At nightfall, Herodoetus climbed up a tree and tied himself securely around a branch with a bunch of vines. When he woke up he scrambled down the tree he climbed and set off for The Dark Forest.  After a few days of walking, Herodoetus arrived at his destination.

Suddenly, his sharp ears picked up a sound coming in the direction of a bush. Herodoetus dived behind a tree, just in time because a second later a hideous ugly face of a wolf peered out from the place where Herodoetus had heard the sound. His heart was pounding and his mind racing with questions. What could he do? How would he kill this beast? This was his big moment.

Back in the heavens, Zeus was being begged by Aphrodite, she wanted Herodoetus to have a special strength to defeat Pigaridion. After a few minutes, Zeus was tired and had a headache of Aphrodite’s begging, he exclaimed, “Okay, okay, he will have strength of heart from now on!”

Meanwhile, back in the dark forest, Herodoetus felt a strong surge of energy rip through his body. He pounded out of the bush and roared, “Bring it on!” The beast turned around and for the first time Herodoetus saw his full body in real life: a deadly wolf head with piercingly sharp teeth, a human body with ripped skin the colour of a pig, a sharp claw of a devil, steady horse legs and a sharp trident made of strong wood and reinforced iron clutched in its hand. It galloped forward and Herodoetus ducked quickly behind his shield. A sharp hit of the trident on the shield and Herodoetus went flying backwards and slammed into a tree, the shield cracked into two pieces of useless metal as it landed next to Herodoetus. As quick as a flash, the deadly trident soared through the air and landed on top of Herodoetus’s head. Herodoetus grabbed the trident and plunged it into the lake besides him. He groaned in agony as he slowly stood up. The beast came galloping towards him, eyes red with anger and fear of losing his precious trident. Herodoetus scrambled up the nearest tree dragging his sword behind him. He looked down underneath him when he came up to a safe distance from the beast, Herodoetus gasped at what he saw, the now hostile beast was making a ladder out of thick vines with quick fingers. Herodoetus dived down and landed hardly on to the beast. He grabbed his chance and sliced the beast’s head off with one quick movement of his sword.

He dragged the beast’s body and concealed it in a large bush with thick damp leaves. Without a second of thought, Herodoetus dived into the water and retrieved the beast’s trident as his own weapon. He put his arms roughly around the beasts head and set off back to his boat, following his blood stained map. When his boat came into sight, Herodoetus did a quick victory dance, shaking his head and banging his stealthy trident on the sandy floor.

Herodoetus’s sharp eye caught on to a ship sailing quickly towards him, he screamed “I’ve killed Pigaridion, I’ve killed Pigaridion!” As the ship came to a stop, the King came into sight.

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Fantastic myth really good!!Good job Dawood!!

That is a really good myth.

I think that the myth is fantastic because it has lots of adjective, adverbs, complex sentences and powerful verbs.

That is absolutely wonderful because you have great sentence openers and lots of adjectives. I think you should become a author! Well done! 🙂

Very intresting ,and well done!

Excellent Dawood! You have included everything that a teacher would want you to do in your magical myth.
Keep it yup Dawood.

This is absolutely fab Dawood.Well done with all your sentence openers and all your adjectives and adverbs .Super, you should really BE an author!

Top piece Dawood

What makes it interesting to read Hamza?

Wow Dawood! This is a really creative piece of writing!

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